12-11-2017                              Pups van Iwana x Roman

                                    Nieuw huis gezocht voor een door ons gefokt reutje       

                          (----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------)                        20-01-2013                                                                      


 Till our big sadness we have to say goodbye to our sweet angel Ewa.
 Ewa suffered a time of spondylosis and was the latest half year on pain medication.
 Till yesterday she manages well ,but yesterdaymorning she couldnot stand or walk  anymore.
 We have tried to let her stand but she could not.
 For the first time in her life she gave up, and it was very sad.
 Ewa was a very kind friendly female who allways smiles.
 Her character is inherited by her children and grandchildren who are still here.
 Sweet beautifull litlle Ewa we miss you.
 But you had a beautifull live with us ,full of love and attention.

 R.I.P darling ,she was almost 13 years old.